When navigating the sometimes difficult political landscape of strata property, it certainly pays to have an experienced and reliable tradesperson or handyman available for strata maintenance, especially if you don't have a tradesman for a caretaker. Property maintenance is just one issue among many that can cause problems for a body corporate whether it's a block of 30 units, or 3. An external contractor would be perfect for the job; someone like Ben Hannett of Benefits House Maintenance.

Usually, homeowners will have very specific ideas about the type of handyman they want to use - perhaps in the past they have had some plastering or rendering done, painting touch ups or patching roof leaks and they would suggest that 'their tradesman" is the best for the job. But then again, there might be three homeowners who all have a reliable, experienced fix it guy that handled their ceiling restoration, or takes care of the back patio or what have you. Putting your trust in the type of impartial, experienced and suitably qualified maintenance professional will keep the arguments out of the body corporate meeting so you can concentrate on the important issues like tea and biscuits.

Being experienced in all manner of indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks; paving, ceiling restoration and gyprocking right down to building a new letterbox or a complete overhaul of common areas, there is simply no better option for strata and property management groups right across the metropolitan area, than Benefits House Maintenance.

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